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Creating a New Account
It is important for customers of other companies within the Quick Group to note that this system is independant of any system they may have used with any other company. This means that a new account must be created with Quick Telecommunications Limited.

However, the following glossary of terms used throughout the control panel should make finding your way around easier.

Glossary of Terms
NTS Number Translation Service. This is the process of taking a number that someone has dialed/called and routing it (translating) into another number that will actually receive the call. For example, someone calls 08701231234 which is translated to 01234123456 which is the number that actually receives the call.
UMS Unified Messaging Service. This is the facility of having one single phone number but with an intelligent system at the end of it that handles different types of incoming calls in the correct way. For example, a person calling that number may be redirected to another phone number automatically, or to voicemail. A fax machine calling that number would be routed to a fax IVR system, and so forth.
IVR Interactive Voice Recognition. This is a computer system that translates noices (such as voice) into computer speak so that a computer system can know what to do. For example, most utility companies such as British Gas use IVR technology for their automated meter reading services where you just speak your meter reading over the phone to a computer.
Fax to Email This is the facility where an IVR system speaks to a fax machine sending a fax and converts the signal into an image, such as a PDF or TIFF file, that you can view on your computer. This image is then emailed to you, hence "Fax to Email".
NGN Non-Geographic Number. This means the phone number is not specific to any area in the country. All telephone numbers beginning with 08 are NGN, and are generally routed behind the scenes using NTS to a geographic number beginning with 01 or 02. The main benefit of NGN's is that they can easily be re-routed to another number instantly making routing a different times of the day, or when moving premises, extremely easily.